R. Fenetz, RN

Randy, Just wanted to let you all know how much we appreciate all Prescription Specialities has done for our patients. I just wanted to brag a little on Brandy. She has gone above and beyond the call of duty for our patients. She has taken the time to do extensive research to help the patients have a reduced co-pay or no co-pay at all. She doesn’t mind getting on the phones to talk to the patients or the insurance companies. Even when one of our scripts had to go to another pharmacy because of the insurance plan, she did all the leg work and made the transition smooth for our patient and our office. We are Blessed to have someone like Brandy who will go above and beyond the call of duty for our patients.

G.A., RN

It is such a pleasure to work with a pharmacy that still caters to the special needs of all its customers. JJ’s Prescription Specialties in Lake Charles does it well. Coordination of all of this can be difficult and it is easy to forget things, so the little extras provided by JJ’s and especially Brandi make a big difference. Brandi helps our patients and parents to keep track of refills with reminders and goes out of her way to make sure the prescriptions are correct. She lets us know when there may be a problem and medicines are not being ordered regularly. When we need a special medication compounded, JJ’s has done this and helped with the research to make sure that safety is assured. This is a dedicated pharmacy with old fashioned values and commitment to serving!

Britini – Mother of Special Needs Infant

“Well, Me and Taytem were on an adventure today. We had to pick up her meds. ….By the way: I love Prescription Specialties, they are awesome!! I never knew what they were before but I do now and Love them! Taytem takes 5 meds around the clock. I worry about her meds because they are sooo important to keep her heart and high lung pressure stable. Prescription Specialties called ME to remind me about refills. I don’t have to stress over this now and that gives me more time with my angel. So to all parents: If you need your children’s medications compounded, don’t even question it….Prescription Specialties ALL THE WAY!!! And of course, they love Taytem :)”

Karla Weir, Medical Case Manager, Infectious Disease

“To say J.J.’s Prescription Specialties understands the unique needs of our patients is an understatement. Their solutions, expertise, knowledge and commitment to both the patients and practitioners are exceptional! They focus on understanding individual needs and are flexible in tailoring their approach to meet those needs. They excel in integrity, and apply this mindset across all business practices and pharmacy operations. Excellence is the defining characteristic of every product and service they provide. JJ Gibson embraces a willingness to go where others have been unwilling or unable to uncover the needs of patient groups and practitioners that may have been underserved by traditional pharmacy providers. Our clinic feels extremely blessed to have Prescription Specialties taking care of our patients. Not only do they go that extra mile, they also develop a close professional relationship with each patient, making them feel cared for and special. Prescription Specialties makes sure that not only do our patients get their correct prescriptions monthly but is also there to assist them with any concerns they may have with their medication regimen. This is an enormous help with medication adherence. J.J.’s is simply the best!”