Compounding Pharmacy Lake Charles, La
Sometimes “out of the bottle” isn’t good enough. What works for most people might not work for you.

As a compounding pharmacy, we can build your medication from scratch at our lab, adding or removing ingredients for patients with sensitivities or unique needs. Many people choose to remove additives like alcohol, dyes, gluten, preservatives or sugar for a more natural solution.

We can even change the formulation for a prescription so it’s easier to take.


We can compound medication into capsules—good for people with sensitive skin or other allergies that can’t take other forms of medication. Many patients choose compounded capsules when they need to change the strength of their meds or even combine them.


Topical meds are popular because they allow the medicine to absorb directly through the skin. They can also help avoid side effects of ingested medication, such as upset stomach or sleepiness.


Lollipops are a favorite among our younger patients. They can turn medicine time into one of their favorite parts of the day.


Lozenges dissolve slowly in the mouth, which makes them ideal for treating coughs and sore throats. It’s also a good options for patients who have trouble swallowing tablets.


This is a favorite formulation for young children still using baby bottles, and for any age.


Suppositories are fast acting as they pass quickly into the bloodstream. It’s an especially good choice for an upset stomach when a patient’s having trouble holding liquid down, as well as for treating local conditions such as hemorrhoids, infections or inflammation.

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