Many name brand supplements boast ingredients that promise healthy hair, nails and skin, but most just don’t deliver. The moment a bottle of vitamins is manufactured, the nutrients begin losing potency, and if not manufactured properly, supplements may contain practically no value by the time they get on the shelf.

JJ’s Prescription Specialties offers only the highest quality supplements that you simply can’t find at the grocery store. The JJ’s team carries supplements rich in biotin, vitamin B and omega-3 fatty acids to ensure that your hair, skin and nails are nourished.

Biotin is one of the best ways to enrich your hair and nails. It promotes protein production for healthier nail growth and encourages new hair growth and healthier hair texture.

Taking marine-based fatty acids, such as fish oil, is a great way to slow hair loss, improve damaged or dry hair and alleviate an itchy scalp. The DHA and EPA found that omega-3 fatty acids can boost your hair’s elasticity, luster and shine while promoting hair growth.

For those with recurring acne or dry skin, vitamin B can provide a range of health benefits for your skin such as reducing bacteria and stress-related acne and balancing testosterone levels to help keep acne away.

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