A topical treatment is a great alternative form of many medications with adverse side affects. As opposed to taking the medication systemically (orally or by injection), topical treatment allows patients to apply the medication directly to a place on or in the body. Creams, foams, gels, lotions and ointments may be applied to the skin or mucous membrane. These treatments are also available in other forms like eye and ear drops. 

Topical medications are particularly popular for pain management, as it can be applied to the skin at the source of discomfort. This allows for treatment without some of the negative side effects of an oral pain medication. 

Another favored use for topical medications is to treat pets. Medications can be applied to the inner ear or skin of the animal. Some of our pet patients include dogs, cats and exotic animals like iguanas. Ask us today what options are available for you and your furry family members.