testosterone replacement therapy

Testosterone replacement therapy helps men achieve better energy, strength, fertility, and erectile function — but it has specific benefits for women, too. Testosterone is the dominant sex hormone in males — but it’s also the most abundant biologically active female hormone. Women produce three times more testosterone than estrogen before menopause. Testosterone in women impacts physical and mental health, serves as a cardiac and breast tissue protectant, and helps maintain energy, strength, bone and muscle health, and libido. 

As a recent article by Emily Durham, MS, CPhT, notes, “You have choices in the form of testosterone, route of administration, and frequency of use to fit your goals and lifestyle.”

The therapies include:

• Injections.

• Pellets, inserted by a small incision.

• Gels/creams. Topical and vaginal testosterone products offer the benefits of no needles, at-home application, and easy dose adjustments when necessary. Topical and vaginal products can also be combined with other hormones and active ingredients.

• By mouth — in the cheek, or under the tongue.

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