March 14, 2017

Lollipops—Not Always Candy!

When we hear someone say lollipop, we often think of candy, but did you know that a lollipop can be a good way to take your medicine? Compounded medicated lozenges and lollipops are commonly used to treat problems such as infections and inflammation of the mouth. Topical preparations are often preferable to oral medications because a lollipop or lozenge can be held in place to numb a sore area, help to reduce swelling, or to provide an antibiotic or antifungal directly to the site of the infection. However, the benefits of these customized dosage forms are not limited to the mouth; they also can be used to treat nausea, generalized pain and other conditions.

Since a lollipop or lozenge dissolves in the mouth where there is an excellent blood supply, it can have a more rapid onset of action than oral medications that need to be absorbed and transported through the bloodstream to the affected area.

These compounded medications taste pretty good, so they should be stored in child-resistant containers to prevent accidental use or overdose by a child, and also kept away from pets.

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