• December 2018

    Americans overpay on nearly 25 percent of their pharmacy prescriptions, a new University of Southern California study reveals. In most cases, it would have been cheaper for the consumers to buy the drug without using insurance. JJ’s Prescription Specialties can help you find the right answers. It’s a national problem that personalized service can help you avoid. “More and more patients are able to find prescriptions less expensive if they don’t use insurance than if they do,” said Doug Hoey, who leads the National Community Pharmacists Association. The study lists the drugs with the most frequent overpayments: zolpidem tartrate (for insomnia), amlodipine besylate (for high blood pressure and chest pain) and prednisone (a steroid). In a six-month sample, USC researchers estimated $135 million in overpayments. Investigate TV reports that U.S. consumers and the government pay more for their medications than any other country. We can help! Check what you’re paying for your prescriptions—and explore where you could be saving. The prices and policies of national drive-through pharmacies aren’t for everyone. Instead, our expert team at JJ’s Prescription Specialties offers one-on-one consultations that help you determine the best approach for you. JJ’s provides personalized solutions for your health care needs. To schedule a consultation, call 562-7979.

    Among our new products in stock is NutriDyn’s Fruits & Greens in the tasty Blackberry/Tangerine flavor. It’s a healthy blend of “superfruits” that joins our ample selection of healthful supplements. Fruits & Greens packs the antioxidant power of more than 20 servings of fruits and vegetables into a convenient, ready-to-mix drink. It’s gluten-free and non-GMO. Visit JJ’s Prescription Specialties to see our full line of products.

    Jacqueline Price Stewart, BSPharm, RPh, is a familiar face offering expert assistance to our customers. Jackie has been part of the JJ’s Prescription Specialties family for better than a decade. Jackie works faithfully with patients and physicians to determine the best treatments—choices that optimize your overall health and wellness. She’s a graduate of Northeast Louisiana University and has 20 years of pharmaceutical experience. We invite you to draw on Jackie’s expertise.

    JJ’s Prescription Specialties offers a wide range of products to help alleviate pain. That includes therapies for people with peripheral neuropathy—the pain, weakness and numbness in the hands and feet brought on by diabetes—and for people challenged by the debilitating pain of shingles. Ask our pharmacists how compounded medications, high-quality supplements and other complementary therapies might prevent and alleviate pain. To learn more call JJ’s Prescription Specialties at 337-562-7979.

    AcuPlus is in stock! As many customers know—and have raved about—AcuPlus is the new, healthier way to manage pain. The popular AcuPlus is an an FDA-registered topical pain relief cream that was created by a Lake Charles doctor. It’s made with a unique blend of 10 powerful pain relief ingredients. Our first supplies sold out, with orders coming in from across the nation. We’re pleased to announce, though, that AcuPlus is available once again. Stop by JJ’s Prescription Specialties today for your supply of AcuPlus. It’s great for sports injuries, age-related pain and more!

    We invite you to take advantage of our personal touch by scheduling a one-on-one consultation. The JJ’s Prescription Specialties team will work directly with your physician and healthcare provider for your total care. We offer personalized solutions for your healthcare needs, from compound and specialty treatments to advice about supplements and over-the-counter products. Consultations are free. Schedule one with us now!

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  • August 2018

    It can be difficult to keep your kids in a routine during the summer, especially when it comes to health. Going back to school is a great time to revisit your family’s health habits and prepare your kids for the classroom environment.

    Good Habits
    While many busy parents look to takeout or filler foods when life gets hectic, it’s important to plan your child’s meals with nutrition in mind.

    For those parents with picky eaters—don’t give up. Keep introducing new foods until you find something that works. Remember that nutrition is the foundation for your child’s mental and physical health, and poor diet can lead to poor grades in school and serious issues down the road.

    Another important and often overlooked health habit is sleep. It’s just as important as diet and exercise for performance and overall mood. The average child needs eight to 10 hours of uninterrupted shut-eye, and many get much less. For a good night’s rest, have children turn off electronic devices at least an hour before bedtime and encourage them to read instead of watching TV.

    Tasty Meds
    In addition to good habits, many children greatly benefit from prescription medication and natural supplements. But getting them to take their meds can be, well, difficult.

    At JJ’s Prescription Specialties, our experts can turn yucky prescriptions into tasty gummies, lollipops, drinks and even gels. This process of compounding medication in-house will ensure that your child gets the right dosage and strength for his or her unique needs. To learn more call JJ’s at 337-562-7979.

    JJ’s Prescription Specialty sees each cancer patient’s case as unique. Our staff focuses on a patient’s individualized treatment protocols with the goal of improving his or her overall health.

    We have clinical expertise in oncology and understand the difficulties patients may face in dealing with their therapy. We offer a full line of oncology medications, including Myleran, Sprycel, Alkeran, Sutent, Cytoxan, Tarceva, Leucovorin, Temodar, Etoposide, Thalomid, Emcyt, Xeloda, Methotrexate, Prednisone, Dexamethasone, Ondansetron, Aloxi, Anzemet, Emend, Kytril, Procrit, Hepsera, Neupogen, Neulasta, Epogen, Aranesp and Gleevec.

    To learn more call JJ’s at 337-562-7979.

    The summer heat often means dry, irritated skin—for babies as well as adults. The new limited time dōTERRA Baby Collection will work to remedy this and keep your little one silky smooth.

    dōTERRA’s sensitive formula has Raw East African Muyao Shea Butter blended with dōTERRA essential oils of lavender, carrot seed and tea tree. The collection includes baby hair and body wash, lotion, and diaper rash cream for your baby’s hygiene needs.

    It’s a natural, effective way to keep your baby clean and moisturized using only the best ingredients. Stop by JJ’s Prescription Specialties to see our inventory of dōTERRA products.

    Carlos Dubus is one of three pharmacists at JJ’s Prescription Specialties, and he brings 53 years of pharmaceutical experience to the team. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy and is a member of the American Pharmacists Association.

    Carlos is a certified consultant pharmacist, compounding pharmacist and wound care pharmacist. He is dedicated to serving his patients with care and professionalism and makes their health and safety paramount.

    So what exactly is compounding? In short, compounding is the process of preparing personalized medications for patients. It entails mixing individual ingredients together to a patient’s exact strength and dosage specifications.

    Before mass-produced medication, nearly all prescriptions were compounded. Now most pharmacists aren’t even trained to compound, meaning many patients with non-traditional needs are falling through the cracks.

    That’s where JJ’s Prescription Specialties comes in. We can customize medication to meet virtually any need, right here in the Lake Area.

    Too often, patients lose money when they look to out-of-state providers for compounding. These patients may pay upwards of $40 for shipping and handling costs for quality compounding services, when they could be getting the same service down the road at JJ’s.

    Give our team a call at 337-562-7979 to find out how we can help save you money and energy on compounded products.

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  • May 2018

    Hospice services begin with a plan of care that the patient, along with his or her family, develops in concert with their healthcare team. During hospice care, JJ’s Prescription Specialties works with a patient’s healthcare team to make end-of-life care during this difficult time as gentle and comfortable as possible for the patient as well as for the family. This is achieved through a combination of medical and pain-management services and emotional support provided by members of the interdisciplinary team, either in the person’s home or in a long-term care facility, nursing home, or inpatient facility. During this time, different patients experience different symptoms, such as:

    • Pain
    • Nausea/Vomiting
    • Constipation
    • Diarrhea
    • Bedsores
    • Anxiety

    The JJ’s team partners with physicians to develop the best symptom control possible for the patient. For many patients whose priority is pain management and relief, JJ’s Prescription Specialties can provide specialized medications for patients with acute or chronic pain. Customized drug combinations can be prepared to allow patients to live more comfortably while potentially minimizing sedation or other side effects and keeping the number of administered medications to a minimum. To make medications easier to administer, JJ’s Prescription Specialties can create topical medications, flavored lozenges or rapid dissolve tablets, suppositories, oral liquids or even lollipops. Learn more by calling JJ’s Prescription Specialties at 337-562-7979.

    JJ’s Prescription Specialties now offers ColonX™ Gastrointestinal (GI) Support for those looking for a better gastrointestinal balance. Supplements for GI health are specifically designed to support the function and comfort of various gastrointestinal processes, such as healthy digestion, antioxidant activity, immune function, and healthy intestinal cell proliferation and gut barrier integrity. ColonX™ is designed to support regularity and complement dietary fiber intake. Magnesium citrate is present to support muscle relaxation and bowel elimination. Cape Aloe is added to support normal GI transit time and stool bulk. Triphala, a balanced blend of astringent fruits used extensively
    in Ayurveda, is present to support all phases of digestion, assimilation, and elimination. Gastrointestinal regularity in turn plays a fundamental role in detoxification, providing a major route for elimination of toxins. Pick up yours today at JJ’s Prescription Specialties!

    JJ’s Prescription Specialties has more than prescriptions! Drop by for your essential
    oil and aromatherapy needs and pick up doTERRA Essential Oils at JJ’s. doTERRA offers therapeutic-grade essential oils as well as a variety of diffusers and aromatherapy blends to help you relax, ease stress and promote focus.

    Most Americans take at least one dietary supplement either every day or occasionally, and this can include vitamins, minerals, herbals and botanicals, amino acids, and enzymes. You can find dietary supplements in many forms, such as tables, capsules, powders and even drinks and energy bars, and when it comes to supplements, each person has individualized needs that aren’t always met by popular grocery store one-a-day packs. Supplements are complex products, and not all supplements are created equal. JJ’s Prescription Specialties stocks only the highest quality supplements and nutraceuticals. Each patient’s needs are different, and the JJ’s team will use an individualized approach to find what best suits you. Whether you’re looking to stay healthy or treat a chronic condition, JJ’s Prescription Specialties offers a wide range of supplements, such as:

    • Allergy relief aids
    • Arthritis aids
    • Folic acid and prenatal vitamins
    • GI tract support
    • Hair, skin and nails supplements
    • Hyaluronic acid
    • Liver and total body detox
    • Men’s vitamin packs
    • Multivitamins for adults and children
    • Muscle cramps and tension aids
    • PMS aids
    • Prebiotics
    • Probiotics
    • Prostate health
    • Sleep aids
    • Urinary tract health
    • Women’s vitamin packs

    Osteoporosis is a bone disease that occurs when the body loses too much bone, makes too little bone, or both. As a result, bones become weak and may break from a fall or, in serious cases, from sneezing or minor bumps. Osteoporosis means “porous bone.” Viewed under a microscope, healthy bone looks like a honeycomb. When osteoporosis occurs, the holes and spaces in the honeycomb are much larger than in healthy bone. Osteoporotic bones have lost density or mass and contain abnormal tissue structure. As bones become less dense, they weaken and are more likely to break. If you’re 50 or older and have broken a bone, ask your doctor or healthcare provider about a bone density test. The form of osteoporosis most common in women after menopause is referred to as Primary Type 1 or Postmenopausal Osteoporosis. Primary Type 2 Osteoporosis or Senile Osteoporosis occurs after age 75 and is seen in both females and males at a ratio of 2:1. Secondary osteoporosis may arise at any age and affect men and women equally. This form results from chronic predisposing medical problems or disease, or prolonged use of medications. At Prescription Specialties, our team of medical professionals help patients manage their disease to live active, productive and fulfilling lives. We can
    fill your prescriptions that can help treat osteoporosis, including:

    • Forteo
    • Prolia

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  • March 2018

    Not many people are excited to visit the dentist, and too many people skip the dentist altogether because of fear and anxiety. JJ’s Prescription Specialties can help ease worries about a dental visit with specially prepared prescriptions for anxiety and some of the discomforts associated with dental treatment. The JJ’s team regularly works closely with area dentists to develop medications for:

    • Procedural anxiety
    • Pain relief
    • Dry socket treatments
    • Fluoride treatments
    • Gum disease
    • Plaque removal
    • Oral ulcers
    • Canker sores
    • Teeth whitening

    Some patients may not respond well to standard medications, so Prescription Specialties can customize dosage forms for dental medications, such as:

    • Topical medicated gels for patients who have trouble swallowing pills
    • Topical anesthetics for painless dental injections
    • Compounded dental medicines in the forms of liquids, pastes, lip balms and lollipops

    An obvious challenge with dental-related medication is that some rinses, solutions and gels may have a less-than-great flavor. Prescription Specialties can help medicine taste better without changing its properties and performance. For example, a sour-tasting dental pain reliever can be flavored, or a topical oral anesthetic can be turned into a tasty lollipop for children.

    We’ve all been there. You’re hoping for eight hours of shut-eye, but a racing mind, stress or insomnia makes it difficult to fall asleep. Sleep aids have evolved from herbal remedies and old wives’ tales to over-the-counter (OTC) medicines and prescriptions that promise a full night’s sleep. Unfortunately, the FDA doesn’t regular most of the OTC sleep aids at national pharmacy chains, and some can negatively affect other medications in your routine or make you groggy during the day. Prescription sleep medications for minor sleeplessness may cause unwanted sluggishness or eventual dependence, while sleep aid supplements offered by JJ’s Prescription Specialties only contain the highest quality ingredients and can offer a more natural way to achieve more regular sleep patterns. A one-on-one consultation may help determine what sleep aids you need. To fill out a consultation form online, visit www.prescriptionspecialties.net.

    Psoriasis affects as many as 7.5 million Americans—approximately 2.2% of the population. It is a common skin condition that speeds up the life cycle of skin cells. Rather than take weeks for new skin cells to form, psoriasis causes them to grow in days, and they build up on the surface of the skin. The extra skin cells form scales and red patches that are itchy and sometimes painful. While it is a chronic disease, psoriasis symptoms can be managed, and lifestyle measures such as moisturizing, quitting smoking and managing stress may help. Psoriasis isn’t a contagious disease, but anyone can develop it. Factors such as family history, stress, obesity and smoking habits can increase the chances of it appearing. Used alone, creams and ointments that you apply to your skin can effectively treat mild to moderate psoriasis. JJ’s Prescription Specialties offers a full line of prescription psoriasis biologic medications, including:

    • Enbrel
    • Humira
    • Simponi
    • Stelara

    Additionally, regular use of moisturizers—while they won’t heal psoriasis—can help reduce itching, scaling and dryness. Light therapy can also help with symptoms, and the simplest and easiest form of light therapy is to just walk outside a few minutes a day. Exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays in sunlight slows skin cell turnover and reduces scaling and inflammation.

    If you have rough hands or feet, or frequently run into dry skin problems, then look no further! JJ’s Prescription Specialties now offers Yu-Be Advanced Formula Pure Hydration Cream with Chamomile Extract. It is a concentrated moisturizer with a uniquely high glycerin content achieved through a special manufacturing process in Japan. While based on the original Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream, this product has no camphor and parabens yet it delivers powerful hydrating qualities. Powerful moisturizing properties fight rough, dry or extremely dry skin areas anywhere on the body, including hands, cuticles, callused feet, face and lips. Concentrated glycerin acts as a humectant to attract and retain moisture in dry skin for maximum hydration. Yu-Be Advanced Formula Pure Hydration Cream is 100% unscented, alcohol-free, artificial fragrance-free, petrolatum/mineral oil-free and free of animal-derived ingredients.

    JJ’s Prescription Specialties now offers Planetary Herbal Echinacea-Elderberry Herbal Syrup to help adults and kids get through springtime illnesses. This alcohol-free syrup combines echinacea and elderberry with Chinese herbs and other key North American botanicals. Echinacea is part of the daisy family
    and is among the best-known herbs for boosting your overall wellbeing. Echinacea is used to fight infections‚ especially the common cold and other upper respiratory infections. Echinacea may also have the ability to activate chemicals that decrease inflammation‚ which might in turn reduce cold and flu symptoms. Elderberries‚ which contain flavonoids‚ seem to help reduce swelling and boost the immune system. Other extracts used in this supplement from Planetary Herbals include honeysuckle blossoms that might help relieve upper respiratory tract infections, including colds and influenza. Cinnamon twigs are also used, and they may reduce inflammation‚ have antioxidant effects‚ and fight bacteria.

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  • February 2018



    No one wants to sit on the sidelines because of pain, whether it’s on the field or at home. Pain can be a mysterious thing, and too many sufferers either just deal with the pain or stick with generic over-the-counter medications that may not effectively ease their pain. Sports injuries can have long-term effects on the body, even if an injury or repeated trauma happened when you were a young quarterback or volleyball player in high school. Some sports injuries occur because of the overuse of a part of the body—such as tennis elbow—while other injuries come from trauma and some can even occur from overexertion. When pain from a sports injury plagues you, it can put a halt on everything in your life.While many over-the-counter pain meds can treat short-term pain, chronic pain should be handled by the professionals. By working with JJ’s Prescription Specialties, healthcare providers can prescribe treatments tailored specifically for each patient’s pain management needs. Patients can receive alternate dosage forms that work best with their body, such as topical gels, creams or sprays applied directly to the site of the pain, custom-flavored troches that dissolve under the tongue, nasal sprays or suppositories. In many cases, multiple medications can be combined into a single dose of a specially prepared compound. Compounded medications can offer the pain sufferer a better quality of life by more effectively treating their specific pain, such as:

    • General pain
    • Rheumatoid arthritis or joint pain
    • Plantar fasciitis
    • Migraines
    • Muscle cramps
    • Mouth pain
    • Muscle spasms
    • Neuropathic pain
    • Bone pain
    • Amputation pain
    • Inflammatory pain from injury

    Jackie Stewart is one of the three pharmacists at JJ’s Prescription Specialties, and she is a graduate of Northeast Louisiana University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy. She has 20 years of pharmaceutical experience and has been a part of the JJ’s Prescription Specialties family for 12 years. Jackie works closely with patients and physicians to determine the best treatment options that will optimize our patients’ overall health and wellness.

    This year’s flu season is no joke. USA Today said that the 2018 flu season is particularly bad because both influenza A and B strains are circulating at the same time. Also, the CDC reported that flu vaccines are showing to be only about 36% effective this year—which is still better than 0%—and it seems like urgent care centers are filling up with flu cases. But there are still ways to help keep the dreaded flu at bay. Wash your hands regularly, limit contact with sick people, get a flu shot and try Oscillococcinum, a homeopathic medicine that can temporarily relieve flu-like symptoms, such as body aches, headache, fever, chills and fatigue. Come by JJ’s Prescription Specialties to get yours now before your family gets hit by the flu.

    Anemia is usually defined as a decrease in number of red blood cells (RBC’s) or less than the normal quantity of hemoglobin in the blood. Because hemoglobin normally carries oxygen from the lungs to the body, anemia leads to hypoxia (lack of oxygen) in organs. Since all human cells depend on oxygen for survival, varying degrees of anemia can cause a wide range of clinical problems. Anemia is the most common disorder of the blood. There are several kinds of anemia produced by a variety of underlying causes. The three main classes include excessive blood loss, excessive blood cell destruction (hemolysis) or decreased red blood cell production. At Prescription Specialties, our team of medical professionals help patients manage their disease to live active, productive and fulfilling lives. We offer a full line of anemia medications including:

    • Aransep
    • Epogen
    • Procrit

    When it comes to dieting, we all need a little help. Dynamic Slender Drink Mix is now available at JJ’s Prescription Specialties, and it is a delicious drink that supports your body’s natural ability to burn fat. Dynamic Slender Drink is a nutritious superfood-packed dietary supplement that provides vital micronutrients, antioxidants, digestive enzymes and probiotics, which are shown to support lasting energy and healthy metabolism. Dynamic Slender Drink is available in strawberry kiwi or pink lemonade. The ingredients support overall health
    as well as:

    • Thermogenics to support healthy metabolic rate
    • Support for healthy GI tract function and digestion
    • Support for hormonal balance, healthy lipid profiles, energy levels, as well as immune system function
    • Antioxidant capacity of over 10 servings of whole fruits and vegetables in just one scoop
    • A way to naturally alkalize the body

    Between pregnancy, menstrual cycles and menopause, it seems like women get the short end of the biological stick. Hormones dictate a woman’s body,
    and they are the chemical messengers keeping her body in check. When hormones become imbalanced, it can affect her brain, heart, muscles and reproductive organs. Hormones commonly become unbalanced during perimenopause and menopause. During perimenopause, hormone levels go up and down because of fewer ovulations, which means less progesterone is produced. This can cause periods to become erratic, skipped or have heavy bleeding. When menopause happens, the ovaries no longer produce estrogen and there is a lack of progesterone in the body. While some women coast through menopause without symptoms, most women in their 40s and 50s experience hormone imbalance symptoms, such as hot flashes, night sweats, and increased irritability. At JJ’s Prescription Specialties, we can offer bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), which is a way to restore balance and help women feel more like themselves again. Compounded BHRT can be adapted to fit each individual’s body and hormone level. Bio-identical hormones have the exact chemical structure of the hormones in the human body. The JJ’s team works with healthcare providers and patients to develop the best course of treatment to help the patient get the exact hormones her body needs. Hormones are prepared in a variety of strengths and dosage forms. While BHRT is most often prescribed for symptoms of menopause, it is also used to treat conditions in women of all ages, such as:

    • Pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS)
    • Irregular menstrual cycle
    • Moodiness
    • Infertility
    • Postpartum depression
    • Weight gain
    • Endometriosis
    • Fibrocystic breasts
    • Sleep disturbances
    • Hot flashes
    • Night sweats
    • Decreased libido
    • Painful sexual intercourse
    • Vaginal dryness

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  • What’s New at JJ’s Prescription Specialties: Jan. 2018

    Every year, thousands of babies are born with birth defects and it’s something JJ’s Prescription Specialties takes seriously. Prenatal vitamins are one of the easiest and most effective ways to reduce birth defects and nurture your body before and during pregnancy.

    It’s easy to get overwhelmed from family, friends and distant relatives who may offer not-so-orthodox tips for a healthy pregnancy, but the JJ’s team will work closely with you and your physician to ensure you receive only the highest quality supplements and the best care possible.

    Your two new best friends during your pregnancy are folic acid and iron, but more often than not, your diet alone may not have the necessary amounts. Without enough iron, iron deficiency anemia can occur, which can then spur preterm delivery and low birth weight.

    Folic acid is a B-vitamin, and it’s an essential part of your pregnancy before you conceive as well as during the early weeks of your pregnancy. This super-vitamin can help reduce your baby’s risk of spina bifida and anencephaly by up to 70%. In addition, your body tends to absorb synthetic folic acid better than the natural folic acid found in food, which means supplements can deliver better results that diet alone.

    To learn more click here to schedule a consultation.

    James J. (JJ) Gibson is the owner and operator of JJ’s Prescription Specialties, and he is a third-generation pharmacist who grew up in his father’s pharmacy. If you’re a customer of JJ’s Prescription Specialties, then you’ve seen JJ’s dedication, experience and top-notch customer service.

    JJ graduated from Notre Dame High School in Crowley, La., and attended Louisiana State University for his pre-pharmacy education before graduating from University of Louisiana at Monroe School of Pharmacy.

    JJ has been a licensed pharmacist for 24 years, and he has spent his career helping patients understand their personalized medicinal needs. JJ is a member of Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA), Louisiana Pharmacist Association (LPA), Louisiana Independent Pharmacy Association (LIPA), National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA), the International Academy of Compound Pharmacists (IACP), and the American Pharmacists Association (APhA).

    Magnesium is an important nutrient that your body needs to stay healthy and happy, and it’s vital for various body processes, such as blood sugar levels, blood pressure and regulating muscle and nerve function.

    JJ’s Prescription Specialties offers Magnesium Glycinate Liquid, which is gentle on the stomach and easily absorbed by the body. It supports musculoskeletal, cardiometabolic and emotional health, and it is most often used to prevent nighttime leg cramps and help symptoms of restless leg syndrome.

    Get your supply by clicking here.

    Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a form of arthritis that attacks the lining of your joints. As an inflammatory disease, it can cause pain, swelling, stiffness and loss of function. RA occurs when white blood cells move from the blood stream into the area surrounding the joint. Proteins are then released due to the inflammation and can do irreversible damage to a patient’s joints.

    If you are living with RA, talk to your doctor about what prescription may be right for you. JJ’s Prescription Specialties can fill many RA prescriptions locally, including Cimzia, Enbrel, Humira, Simponi and Foreto.

    To learn more, click here or call JJ’s at 337-562-7979.

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  • What’s New at JJ’s Prescription Specialties: Dec. 2017

    While most medications today are made for humans, many medicines can and are used in animals at doses, formulas and delivery methods best for your furbaby.

    Whether you have dogs and cats or ferrets and guinea pigs, JJ’s Prescription Specialties can prepare and compound a wide range of medications that can treat conditions that ail any pet, such as seizures, ear infections or behavioral issues.

    We all know the difficulty of getting a pet to take a pill, so JJ can even compound medications in topical treatments that avoid the dreaded pill form. Learn more here.

    Did you know that JJ’s has more than supplements and prescriptions? If you’re scrambling for last-minute holiday gifts, drop by JJ’s Prescription Specialties for a wide selection of luxury soaps, candles, infusers and unique gifts for everyone on your list!

    Does your hair look dull or is your skin feeling dry in the winter weather? JJ’s offers Pure Encapsulations’ Hair/Skin/Nails Ultra, a daily supplement that supports healthy hair, skin and nails.

    Hair/Skin/Nails Ultra is a blend of key building blocks to support healthy skin elasticity and hydration, healthy hair and nail strength and thickness. The product is gluten-free and made with hypoallergenic ingredients. Buy yours here.

    Over 54 million Americans live with osteoporosis and low bone mass, and the progressive bone disease is characterized by a decrease in bone mass and density, which leads to an increased risk of fracture. The form of osteoporosis most common in post-menopausal women is referred to as Primary Type 1, while Primary Type 2 is seen in both males and females after the age of 75.

    At JJ’s, our team of medical professionals help patients manage this disease to live active, productive and fulfilling lives. We offer a full line of osteoporosis medications, including Forteo and Prolia. We also offer one-on-one consultations to determine the best path forward with your physician. To sign up for a consultation, click here or call us at 562-7979.

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  • What’s New at JJ’s: Nov. 2017

    Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) can help bring a woman’s life back into balance when the symptoms of menopause sneak up. JJ’s Prescription Specialties offers compounded BHRT that can be customized to each individual’s body and hormone level.

    Hormone imbalance can throw other areas out of balance, such as mood, metabolism, and sexual and reproductive functions. BHRT has the exact chemical structure of the hormones in the body and beyond menopause, BHRT can be used to treat conditions such as pre-menstrual syndrome, postpartum depression, endometriosis and fibrocystic breasts.

    The JJ’s team can work with your healthcare provider to develop the best course of treatment, help get you the exact hormones your body needs and get you back on your feet.

    To download a consultation form, click here or call JJ’s at 337-562-7979 for more information.

    You can fill your prescription anywhere, but at JJ’s, our pharmacists put us at the top for service and patient satisfaction. J. Carlos Dubus brings 51 years of pharmaceutical experience to JJ’s, and he is a certified consultant pharmacist as well as a compounding and wound care pharmacist. Carlos is dedicated to serving his patients with care and professionalism, making their health and safety paramount.

    If you’re like any typical parent, you probably have a hard time getting your kids their full servings of fruit and vegetables. JJ’s Online Store offers Dynamic Kids Drink—an easy-to-mix, great tasting, nutrient-rich superfood formula that your kids will love! Dynamic Kids Drink provides a 100% blend of natural fruit and vegetables as well as vitamins, enzymes and symbiotic intestinal flora. Buy yours now by clicking here.

    Crohn’s Disease is a chronic inflammatory condition of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, affecting as many as 700,000 Americans. It strikes about the same number of men as women, and while it can occur at any age, the incidence peaks among adolescents and young adults between the ages of 15 and 35. It also tends to run in families.

    With the autoimmune condition, the body’s immune system reacts abnormally to food and bacteria, therefore causing white blood cells to accumulate in the lining of the intestines causing inflammation, abdominal pain and diarrhea.

    Crohn’s can be a very difficult disease to treat. There are several types of therapies used, including surgery, nutritional supplements, oral medications and biologics. At JJ’s Prescription Specialties, our team works with healthcare providers to help patients manage their disease and live active, fulfilling and productive lives. We offer a full line of Crohn’s biologic medications including Cimzia and Humira.

    Want to know more? Click here to schedule a consultation with our staff or call us at 562-7979.

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  • What’s New at JJ’s: Oct. 2017

    It’s no surprise to any parent that kids usually have an aversion to taking their medicine. Instead of struggling to convince your kid to take their medicine, try compounding their prescription instead. The JJ’s team can make medicine easier to take by altering dosage methods and flavors.

    Compounding allows JJ’s Prescription Specialties to turn capsules or tablets into tasty treats—like lollipops, gummy treats or effervescent drinks—that still provide the right dosage and strength for the child. This also helps children who have a difficulty swallowing pills or require allergen-free dosages.

    Learn more by clicking here or calling JJ’s at 337-562-7979.

    There’s a reason why people say it’s “a hard pill to swallow.” Many medications are commonly available as capsules or tablets, and we never look forward to taking our medicine. Oral medication can be hard to swallow, taste bad or cause unwanted side effects. Additionally, medicines taken by mouth must pass through a patient’s digestive tract, which may delay or reduce the medication’s effects.

    But there’s a better way to take your meds. Our team at JJ’s can prepare many medications as topical treatments—creams, lotions, solutions or gels—that are applied directly to the skin.

    Topical medications are easier to administer and allow the drug to enter the bloodstream through the skin, which may reduce or eliminate related side effects or discomfort.

    Learn more by clicking here or calling JJ’s at 337-562-7979.

    Having a hard time relaxing in bed? Or does restless leg syndrome keep you up? MyoCalm P.M. is a nighttime muscle relaxation formula that combines natural ingredients like passionflower and lemon balm to promote a feeling of calm and relaxation as well as a restful sleep.

    MyoCalm P.M. may also help relieve minor pain associated with muscle tension, which can be caused by stress or physical overexertion. Get yours now by clicking here.

    Drive-thru pharmacies aren’t for everyone. JJ’s Prescription Specialties provides a more personal touch by offering one-on-one consultations. Our team will work directly with your physician and healthcare providers to provide a total-care service that you just don’t find at big box pharmacies.

    The JJ’s team is here to provide personalized and thoughtful solutions for all of your healthcare needs, from compound and specialty treatment options to information and advice about supplements and over-the-counter products.

    Our consultations are always free, and you can fill out a consultation form online by clicking here.

    October 16, 2017 By JJRX 2017
  • What’s New at JJ’s: Sept. 2017

    Welcome to the future, Southwest Louisiana. Now, monitoring your health or the health of a loved one is at your fingertips—or, more accurately—on your wrist.

    The HELO smart wristband—now available at JJ’s Prescription Specialties—is a sleek, revolutionary health-monitoring bracelet that monitors the wearer’s real-time vital signs, such as blood pressure, breathing rate and heart rate.

    Through Bluetooth technology, HELO connects to the HELO smartphone app, which records vital signs and gives the wearer the option to store the results in a history log, allowing the wearer to track health patterns and trends.

    HELO can also monitor a loved one’s vital signs and send a signal to a family member if the wearer’s vital signs are outside of a predetermined parameter. Similarly, the HELO’s S.O.S. function sends the wearer’s GPS location to a predetermined list of contacts if the wearer is in need to aid.

    HELO is now available to purchase at JJ’s Prescription Specialties—the only licensed HELO vendor in Louisiana. Pricing for the HELO device begins at $349 with discounts for a family pack. Click here to buy yours!

    Not all prescriptions are created equal. That’s where compounding comes in. Our team at JJ’s Prescription Specialties can customize medication to meet nearly any need a patient has.

    Compounding is the art of preparing medication to fit your personal needs. While commercially available drugs may be difficult to take or contain allergens, compounded medicines are created with you in mind and give your physician an additional resource in effectively treating you.

    But many patients who need compounded medicines look to out-of-state pharmacies and providers to meet their needs. These patients may pay upwards of $40 for shipping and handling costs for quality compounding services that can be performed here locally. JJ’s Prescription Specialties can meet the needs of our patients while saving them money and energy.

    Your priority should be you and your family’s health, not worrying about the costs of medications. Give our team a call at 337-562-7979 to find out how we can help.

    -JJ Gibson, Owner of JJ’s Prescription Specialties

    Feeling off balance these days? Are hot flashes or fatigue throwing you out of rhythm? If menopause symptoms are disrupting your days and nights, relief may be close by.

    Ultra Menoease is a daily supplement that is specially formulated with pure genistein, microencapsulated BioResponse DIM®, botanicals and nutrients to relieve menopausal symptoms and support healthy estrogen levels in women.

    This supplement is sold in a one-month supply at JJ’s Prescription Specialties, or you can click here to buy now.

    September is National Self-Care Awareness Month, and it’s time to treat yourself. It seems like we’re always on the go trying to corral our families and have a rewarding career that we often forget about ourselves. Just taking a few minutes each day can keep us happier and healthier, and supplements can go that extra step to support our immune systems while promoting healthy habits.

    JJ’s Prescription Specialties only offers the highest-quality supplements. Each patient’s needs are different, and our team will use an individualized approach to find what best suits you.

    Whether you want to boost healthy skin, hair and nails, alleviate joint pain, support a healthy GI tract or even get a good night’s sleep, our supplements are here for you.

    Click here to schedule a consultation, or call us at 337-562-7979 to find out more.

    October 9, 2017 By JJRX 2017
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