HELO Smart Wristband



HELO is the first fitness band to use active sensors to monitor vital signs, such as heart rate, blood pressure and breath rate, and it links with your smartphone’s HELO app to record these measurements.

HELO can also monitor a loved one’s vital signs and send a signal to a family member if the wearer’s vital signs are outside of a predetermined parameter.

Other features include:

  • ECG/EKG (electro-cardiogram)
  • Mood sensor
  • Fatigue sensor
  • Sleep quality sensor
  • Step tracker
  • Remote monitoring of other people’s vital signs, such as a loved one
  • Germanium semi-conductor stone plates
  • Anti-oxidizing Himalayan Salt stone plates
  • Emergency GPS location sent to wearer’s family
  • Panic button with GPS location coordinates

To learn how to use the HELO device, watch this 2-minute video here: www.myhelodevice.com

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